Father and son duo, Jean-Luc and Paul Aegerter have been producing Burgundy wines since 1988, in Nuits-Saint-Georges. This winning team strives to find the perfect balance between respect for tradition and creativity to promote the best of the mythical Burgundy wine region.

Winemaker, winegrower and merchant at the same time, Jean-Luc Aegerter is a privileged observer of the market and terroirs of Burgundy. He strongly claims that the presence of an extra spark of spirit is vital, straightforwardly and without artifice, so that the emanation of the terroir triumphs: “Nature is always more powerful than man. Our passion, energy and expertise enable us to value it every day. Let’s not try to change its exceptional generosity!”

Paul Aegerter joined his father in 2001. Thanks to his innovative ideas and being a permanent creative spirit, he brings new energy into the family business, leading it to new horizons. Paul Aegerter, respectful of the vine and the terroir, innovates through his strategic development choices.

What sets Fine Wines SG apart is that we try the wines we sell. And before we agreed to carry Aegerter wines, we had a series of blind tasting sessions to really make sure of the quality and value of their wines. And we cannot stress enough how we were able to find some amazing value for money wines in both White and Red Burgundy.

Aegerter is both a Domaine and a Negociant, meaning they grow and produce their own wines, as well as purchase grapes from other growers and produces wines from those. Knowing full well of these, there is a great difference between their Domaine and Negociant wines. Their Domaine wines are way better as we know they have personally grown and tended the vines all the way to bottling them. We have some great new Domaine wines coming from them that is a MUST TRY!

Lastly, their Red Burgundy wines are top notch. We have found 2 plots of land that are definitely worth it. We even mistook it for being an old wine than a 2015! And they are all fairly priced compared to other Burgundy wines.


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