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Andre Clouet is one of those grower Champagnes that will make you fall in love with Champagne even more

What is a grower Champagne? There are a lot of Champagne houses all across the region of Champagne that a lot of the houses only purchase grapes from growers and make the wine. Or maybe they don’t have enough plots of land to make enough bottles. What makes Andre Clouet special is that they own several plots of land in the Grand Cru area of Bouzy and grow and produce their wines from start all the way to bottling. 

Andre Clouet uses the Champagne Solera System in making their cuvees

They are also one of the few Champagne houses that also uses the solera system. What exactly is a Solera system and what makes it special. Solera is a process of aging wine in barrels. Every year, you blend small fractions of different vintages from the youngest on the top all the way to the oldest at the bottom. So your final solera blend is a mixture of multiple vintages which average year gradually increases throughout the years.

Their top of the line Champagne is the Andre Clouet 1911. This is made through the solera system with a 50 % base vintage of 2004, 2008 and 2009 and another 50% solera blend of 1995, 1996, 1997 that will surely add complexity and structure to the wine. But we can’t tell you what vintages are in the solera blend, as we don’t even know ourselves!

If you want to learn more about what makes Andre Clouet 1911 special and why it is considered as one of the 1001 Wines you must try before you die as mentioned in the book written by Neil Beckett, and winning the top Champagne of the night against other well-known Champagne brands and houses, click the link below!



Prior to a Lafite Rothschild vertical tasting event that I organized, we had a mini blind session of bubbles as the tasting was with our MW Tan Ying Hsien, so it’ll be a fair blind tasting. 3 bottles of blind, all placed in VOSS bottles, so no bottle shape guessing, no capsule foil guessing. All things being equal. MW even provided an exam sheet with multiple choice questions for us to guess what they were (not in terms of labels, but vintage, region and grape varietal).

Blind Bubble #1

Very nice fruity nose. Palette was a bit shutdown with slight bitterness, turned creamy after 10 mins in the glass. Very elegant and crisp. Top grade bubbles. My instinct pointed me towards champagne (correct region) and a 2006 vintage (also got the answer correctly). I was highly suspicious of a Dom Perignon 2006. I scored it 95-96.

Blind Bubble #2

Soapy nose, those soap bars you get to smell. Multiple layers of creamy texture, extremely big on fruits. In fact the fruits were interesting to me that I don’t usually encounter them, so it led me to believe it’s not from a major champagne house, perhaps a grower bubble, although nevertheless it’s still champagne (right answer) and also a 2006 vintage (spot on). Scored 93-94.

Blind Bubble #3

Nose is also slightly soapy, but not elevated and tolerable. Certainly the content was an odd one out, as it’s thick layer of fruits and a bit rough texture, with a stress on lemony taste, certainly not as refined compared to #1 and #2. Surprisingly extremely young that I thought it was a 2008 (wrong vintage, it was 2006) and for sure it wasn’t a champagne based upon the texture, so I opted for Italy and I was spot on with the region again. Scored 90 to 91.


Our house champagne Andre Clouet Dream Vintage 2006 that I thought it was a Dom Perignon 2006! Price was the cheapest amongst the 3 at $99 a bottle, where as the other two bubbles were not available in Singapore but they range from $130 to $160 overseas in other locations. I can tell you from the bottom of my heart, I have very high regards on this Andre Clouet Dream Vintage 2006 as it really never failed to impress me anytime I drink it, and truly value for money, absolutely no brainer!

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Andre Clouet 1911 MV


After tasting all 16 grower champagnes with a school of sommeliers, everyone voted this champagne as their favorite. I opened another bottle over the weekend to slowly appreciate it, and realized it deserved its status.

Started off a mixed character on the nose; aged tobacco leaves but also young with sour green apple. Palate was similar; initially the green apple dominated. However I discovered that the champagne slowly evolved into ripe apple and honey, very bold and rich.

Rated Highly by Robert Parker!


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